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Yes, it’s true: We file chapter 7 bankruptcies for $550 down!
I started offering this program because so many people simply do not have the enormous amount of money most lawyers charge up front to file a bankruptcy. The way I see it, if you had a lot of money laying around to pay for a bankruptcy then you probably wouldn’t need to file. So I allow my clients to pay the $550 down and I get them filed right away. That protects them from any continuing wage garnishments, bank account levies, asset seizures and other creditor and collection agency action. Once you have the protection of bankruptcy, you can more easily afford the remaining court bankruptcy costs and attorney fees.
What are the payment terms?
If you choose to take the $550 down option, the total cost of your bankruptcy is $1,950. This means you pay $550 before your case is filed, then $1,400 after the case is filed. You pay $100 per payday on this remaining $1,400 (usually $200 per month for most people who receive paychecks every two weeks.) There is no interest or fees on these payments so long as all the payments are on time. We debit the payments directly out of your account on payday to help make sure you never miss a payment.
Who qualifies for this $550 program?
You must have regular income in order to qualify for this financing. (Otherwise, there would be no way for you to make your remaining payments). If you have irregular income we can discuss your situation. Just call me at 801.721.9633 to talk about this.
Do I give a discount if you pay for the whole bankruptcy in advance?
Of course! If you are able to pay for the whole bankruptcy before we file your case, I will give you $700 off the total cost, so you would only have to pay $1,250.


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